Mike's Hard Lemonade

Creating a jam band with our friends at TEN.

In 2011, TEN (Formerly AgencyNet) was doing some fun work with Mike’s Hard Lemonade. We had done a few other promotional things like facebook ads and apps but they wanted to something super fun for their Margarita product for Cinco De Mayo.

We at AgencyNet decided to create an application that allowed someone to create their own mariachi band ensemble if they were so inclined.

We basically made one of those shake apps added in with a bit more fun to it. We added the ability to blow into the app and have it function like a trumpet.

Typically as a developer I was a bit snarky on building these types of apps, but it was a lot more fun to make than I realized it was going to be.

I was able to use the Cocos2d framework for the first time and had a lot of fun doing so.

I added some fun ideas such as when you strummed the guitar or blew in the trumpet, it would “rain” a bunch of imagery including Chihuahua dogs, mike’s bottles and confetti.

Here is a video of the app:


As a bonus, the team at mike's hired an actual Mariachi band to play around NYC: