Building a resource for franchisee's to harness the power of social media with our friends at Hunt & Saw

When Michael of Hunt and Saw reached out to me to work with him on a platform for Chick-fil-A I couldn’t have been more stoked.  Chick-fil-A is one of those brands that, if you live in the south and are in the marketing world, you just HAVE to work with.

They’re an amazing company that cares a lot about their employees and that same care then filters through to the end customer at their locations.  

Quick aside about a personal experience with CFA. During what was known as the “Snowmageddon” in Atlanta in 2014 many people were stuck stranded at home or on the roads.  I decided to walk to I-75 and see how many cars were left on the roads.  As I walked by my local CFA, I realized they were actually open.  I walked in and ordered a nugget meal and asked the manager how and why they were open. His response has stuck with me and is what I believe a core tenant of how amazing the company is:  

Well a couple of us live nearby and we knew the community would need a place to eat and maybe get out to, so we all walked up here and opened up.

Going back to the project, Chick-fil-A created an internal conference that focused on how their franchise owners can utilize all the different platforms on social media to increase their engagement in their areas.

We broke the site into sections that would tell users the following:

  1. Attending a conference event

  2. Watching older talks from previous events

  3. Viewing examples of social posts in the Chick-fil-A social sphere

  4. Documentation on a multitude of topics, ranging from setting up accounts all the way to specific local targeting of ads.

We used Brightcove’s video API service to help us stream the past talks and keep all of their videos organized.  By leveraging Brightcove’s video tagging system, I was able to create a custom post type with the same information and then could link everything together using Wordpress’ rest API, which allowed the page to update without being refreshed.

You can check a QA version of the site here.