Bringing cocktails to the house with my friends at TEN.

When Bacardi asked AgencyNet to translate their online initiative to the new iOS platform, we couldn’t have been more excited. There were plenty of challenges to tackle with this as it was our first iOS app and there was plenty to learn.

We had to wrap our heads around openGL a bit to work on a cocktail explorer that was equivalent to what we had on the flash-based experience on the website.

We also had to become very familiar with how iOS dealt with webservices as well as social sharing. While this may seem trivial at this point, back in the earlier days it wasn’t as easy as it is now.

At the end of the day it was an amazing first app to build and I’m still very proud of it to this day.

Unfortunately it’s been removed from the app store (it was more than 6 years ago after all!) But here is a promo video of it: