Akada Software

SVG animations and bright colors make for a great rebrand project with my friends at Son & Sons

Akada Software was in need of an updating. They approached Son&Sons for new branding and a new take on their website. After getting a beautiful new Brand treatment, Son&Sons reached out to me to meet with the team to see if I was available to tackle the job.

After meeting with Son&Sons and seeing the design I knew I had to take the job. They did an amazing job making the site feel alive and whimsical with their iconography.

I’ve always wanted to be able to play with SVG animations using scrolling and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I felt like while the icons provided were fun and full of life, I could add a bit more to them.

I decided to use the ever popular greensock javascript library to help me with the SVG animations. I want to learn how to do the animations on my own however with the time constraint of this engagement I didn’t want to risk going over my time allotted, so greensock was the perfect choice. I have to say i'm really happy with the outcome. 

This was built on wordpress using the Sage Starter theme for wordpress and while it was my first time using it, I was able to really power through my workflow with it in a great and efficient manner, will definitely use this going forward for my Wordpress needs.

After having the site ready to go, the client and Son&Sons couldn’t be happier with the work that was delivered. Definitely a huge win!

Check out the site!