2017 Recap

As we end the year, I wanted to write a few things about this crazy, ridiculous, fun spin around the sun.

My year was separated into three sections, pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding.


From January to May, I was in super hustle-mode. I finished a project on January 1st and had a few others running at the same time. It was honestly a blur of coding and co-ordinating a wedding that was going to be in Europe. Looking back on it now, I couldn't be happier with how everything seamlessly worked together and ended gracefully right in time for me and my fiancee to head off to our wedding.

A few projects I did:


Belay Solutions


From mid-May to Mid-June Audrey and I traveled around Scotland for a week before our wedding at the beautiful Dunnattor Castle, while we and THIRTY of our amazing friends stayed with us at Fasque Castle, where we had an absolute blast. After the wedding we spent a few days in Paris, then off to the Greek Isles for our Honeymoon.


After the whirlwind wedding and honeymoon is was time to get back to it. I was able to secure a few more projects and was able to get back into my favorite project type, the installation experience. I was able to do two of these which went a long way in allowing me to work on what I wanted to do as a freelancer.

No Kid Hungry's "I'm Hangry"

Adobe Max Live

I was also able to do an amazing hike in Colorado which went over the continental divide twice! We had it scheduled so that we could watch the eclipse in an alpine meadow that was deserted except me and my two companions.

Thank Yous

While this first year was amazing personally, I never could of done it without the army of supporters I have.

Audrey Sianko Hall - Thank you for pushing me and helping me realize everything I've ever wanted. You're the best wife, ever.

Jonnie Hallman - Thanks for being there everyday to chat about anything and all things.

Pete Bernardo - You rock! Thanks for being my bouncing board at the office and always helping me keep myself honest.

Jason Elgin - Thanks for always being there to hop on a trail to hike, or jump into some code to help me out.

Jamie Kosoy -Having our weekly check-ins keeps me sane and driven.

Crystal Vitelli -Thanks for being the best producer ever!I would've been totally unorganized if it wasn't for you.

Daniel Mall -Absolutely loved working with you, your attitude on all things freelance is something to learn from and Icouldn't be happier to call you a friend.

Aldo Reyes -You're one of the best! Thanks for tackling all the Android stuff I ever have, and doing it in an amazing fashion.