Why I Left Facebook.

We all know that facebook is a behemoth. I’ve used it since it was www.thefacebook.com and in the beginning i loved it. It was a closed site that required you to be in college, and even then, that college had to be supported. That wouldn’t last for long. We soon found out that facebook would be opening itself to high schools, and eventually everybody. I had seen what happens when you let whomever you want to make a profile. In fact the only reason initially i liked facebook over myspace (myspace still had better photo options and a few other things) was that you couldn’t customize your profile. Even after all this I had thoughts about disliking facebooks directions but decided to stay with it for a few reasons:

  1. I already had a rather deep friend network
  2. Had amassed a good amount of pictures
  3. Its a GREAT event planning platform
  4. Its a great advertising platform

However after a while i was getting what i like to think of “Facebook Fatigue”, here’s what attributed it to me:

  1. Application Notifications: I know these have been cut down a great bit by facebook, but i still can’t stand them.
  2. Pointless updates from people i honestly dont care about anymore: I know it can be remedied with removing people, but I’m lazy.
  3. Seeing the younger generation and how they interact/act online: This may be me just getting older but i know i didn’t act that way when i was 13-18.  It’s a bit out of hand.

While yes i know many of these things are trivial, its what wore me down.  If there was any kind of positives to it, I would list it, but honestly whenever i would go (at least once a day), i’d just be disgusted by what i saw (and yes i know the brevity of using the word disgusted) Having been facebook free for about three weeks, i can say i don’t miss it.  The only thing that sucks is when people on twitter link to facebook only initiatives, in which i don’t get to see it, but that’s a loss I’m more than willing to take.