We're not really friends, you and I.

While i was at wordcamp miami this weekend, i was listening to John James Jacoby of BuddyPress and what needed to be done to update it when he said something that kind of resounded in my head, when talking about the “Friends” functionality he said something to the tune of “social networks have kind of changed the meaning of friends”.

Thats quite an interesting statement.  How many followers on twitter do you really consider a friend? Or facebook for that matter? Now if you hang out with people at a party, pass them by at a tech meetup, or happen to find them through a random retweet, you automatically get added on facebook, twitter, and they want a reference on linkedin.

On the other hand, maybe this is a positive progression into a more peaceful society? We’re all friends here, you and I.

what do you think? do you consider everyone you add on your networks your “Friend”?