Thoughts on Facebook Places

So yesterday, facebook announced “Places”, its answer to foursquare, yelp,gowalla, etc.  The idea is the same as all the others, check into places via your mobile device and let your friends know about it, tag it, leave comments, the whole 9.  A real good look into Locations can be found here.  While I have no problem with facebook throwing its hat into the geo-location arena, I do have a personal issue on why I wouldn’t use it over foursquare/gowalla.  I know that gowalla and foursquare will integrate with Locations, but isnt that kind of overkill?

To me, I have different uses for different social media channels. When I used facebook, I had all sorts of friends on there.  I had friends from elementary school that I rarely talked to (and only added them because they requested me), I had people from job interviews add me (no joke).  As my uses for each channel gets more specific, the fewer friends I have on it:

As you can see, facebook had the most amount of friends, which if you were my friend on there, you would know my activity stream was very very sparse and pretty non informative.  The only time I would post activity would be when someone else tagged me in a photo, or I was testing some sort of API call for an app.

Inside my facebook friends, I had a smaller number of followers on twitter.  I feel more comfortable being more active on twitter because there are more of my true {friends} on there.  People in my industry, or just friends I stay in more touch with.

Inside of my twitter, is finally my geo-location channel, foursquare.  As of right now, I have 43 friends on foursquare, a few of which I may delete and/or dont really use it.  To me, I’m revealing a very private part of my life, mainly where im at, at an exact moment in time.  Twitter does this to an extent with its new location services, but its not as exact.

The main point of this is that in my opinion, facebook is too broad of an outlet for me to feel comfortable posting where i’m at, during any given time.  And yes, I do know you can post to facebook from foursquare and gowalla, and even for that I never turned it on.

What do you think? Are you going to abandon your gowalla/yelp/foursquare ship for facebook locations?