“Social” Meetups

I’ve been thinking a lot about social the past few days, and naturally from that I began to think of social meetups.  We have tweetups, beerups, refreshes and all sorts of other things, and out of all the ones I’ve been to, I’ve noticed a central problem with them all.  They’re not very social.  Sure you’ll see tons of people talking to each other, and a great time being had by what seems like all, but there’s a fundamental flaw with them.

I’ll preface this with saying that I’m just as at fault as everyone else with this, so don’t think I’m on a soapbox; but we all seem to hang in cliques at all of these meetups.  We go with the people we know, and then, that’s it.  We don’t socialize.  We don’t REALLY go and meet-up with new people.  I’ve heard stories of people going to events that are supposed to be fun and social, but ended up hating the time they had, because no one was really being social, instead they were just with their friends, in a corner.  This isn’t the 8th grade dance people, let’s not be wallflowers!

When I hear tweetup, I picture people with the same interests meeting together at a place and talking.  Let’s say I go to one of these meetups that I saw someone I follow on twitter mention. It usually is very hard for me to get a solid conversation going, as most of the time, everyone is just hanging with the peeps (tweeps?) they already know.

So from now on I propose a few challenges for all you tweetup attendees:

  • Gain/Meet a new person that you dont know.
  • Join in a conversation with people you dont know.

So whether it be the next refresh fort lauderdale, pizza tweetup, chevy pizza crawl, or whatever. Lets all try and embrace the social space, and actually be social.

I’m game. Are you?