Everything in its right place.

Recently i’ve had a great opportunity at work to take on a new language.  Turn outs it what i’ve been looking for.

My background in programming started off in high school in which i started off using an express version of Microsoft Frontpage where i made a hip hop key styling battle forum. (quite ridiculous i know, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!). I knew from the get go that i enjoyed creating websites and the puzzles that came with having to figure out the language to get exactly what i wanted to display.

In college, i got my hands on Flash and Dreamweaver, and began to make more animated and stylistic sites, for artists like CageHigh and Mighty, and MHz. While I couldnt do the greatest graphics in the world, the sites did their job, and pretty well if you ask me. All of my excitement and joy of programming led me to taking a programming class in college; it ended up being in C++ and while others seemed to despise it, i flourished. In my next semester, i had to take another programming class, this time in Java. I didnt like it as much as the C++ class but I got through with no problems.

During this class I got the opportunity to become an intern for a project that my college was doing in partnership with NCR corporation, which was mainly written in C/C++. I worked on that project for 4 years, and while i had my hardships with it, i always loved it. Void pointers, header files, structs, I loved it. After that project I moved on to a few different companies, all working in the .NET platform. While I love the .NET platform, I always feel like im just creating very static solutions, with no artistic feel, which really isn’t a bad thing all the time, I just always like to see something more living from what i work on (let’s face is CMSs are pretty standard).

About a month ago, my job asked me if I would be interested in possibly working on iPhone applications. Knowing that its based primarily in objective-c, I knew it wouldn’t be a hard language to pick up. After working on it for about 3-weeks now, I can whole-heartedly say that im in love with it.

It feels like the perfect blend of what I love, hardcore close-to-the-memory programming, with an artistic output of the code. I’ve been worried that maybe im just in the honeymoon phase of this, but i really dont think I am. With the rise of the demand for mobile applications, I can do nothing but smile knowing that I’ll probably be able to be working with the iphone more and more.

I’ll be keeping this blog up to date with frustrations and findings I have while I go through this new journey of mine.

Heres a few things I’ve learned already:

  1. Don’t trust the simulator.
  2. TabBarControllers are view hogs. (Portrait vs Landscape)
  3. XCode uses a weird symbol for the option key (it may be all mac apps, i dunno, still a mac noob!)
  4. XCode’s debugging suite is a joke compared to Visual Studios.

Anyways, if you’re an iphone dev and want to drop some tips, good sites, whatever, please feel free to do so!